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  • The 1964 team was only the third team to beat Miami High  We won 9 -0  Phil Tedder was head coach (Haywood Fowle on sabbatical leave)

  • The class of 1966 tried to follow up the win by the 1965 class Alas we lost 7 – 0 to Miami High. We almost pulled an upset as we were on the 1 foot line with fourth down late in fourth quarter. The running back fumbled the ball game over. Still think about it
    Picture Edison line vs Miami High 1964
    Raider Newspaper featuring Gene Morton and I plus 1965 Fall roster
    Picture of Larry Rentz
    Larry Rentz was the QB for Coral Gables 1964 season HE was an awesome QB. The saying was there is no defense for Larry Rentz. We lost to Gables 7 – 6 in 1964. We out gained gables 342 yards to 87. So out defense held Rentz. They scored their only touchdown just before halftime when our defensive backs collided going for an interception.